Our collective practice uses photogrammetry software, gaming and other 3D technologies to explore ideas of assemblage making and the digital body.
Portfolio of Collective Work 2019-2021
An installation using photogrammetry, 3D printing and VR technology to explore ideas of nostalgia. Made as part of the Autumn programme for the Folkestone Fringe Festival.

Thanet Trading Card Project (upcoming)
This project, which is in its early stages of development, focuses on community worlding through the creation of collectable trading cards.
Memory Palace Thanet (2021)
An archival 3D gaming environment commissioned by Turner Contemporary documents, digitises and memorialises objects deemed important by Thanet residents.
Margate Kebab Map (2020)
A multi-media documentary project. Made for Margate NOW 2020, it uses gaming technology to allow visitors to explore virtual versions of two local kebab restaurants.
Postcards from Home (2020)
A narrative database in the form of a RPG video game, housing 78 postcards created by Margate's young artists. Developed as a part of The Margate School's 'An Artline for Margate'.
Hant (2020)
An installation at Lewisham Arthouse draws lines of inquiry between human-made structures, territory and the language we use to represent these.
They Never had Ghosts for Idols (2020)
A short video game that uses autobiographical content to drive a narrative around identity and place.
The World is Yours (2019)
A solo exhibition blurring the boundaries of curatorial practice and the legalities around the reproduction of images online.
The Wasteland Project (2019)
A group of art practitioners use T.S. Eliot's poem to investigate the threshold at which meaning is lost in automatic translation processes.
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