Umut Gunduz and Anna Skutley began working together during their MA in Fine Art at UCA Canterbury. Umut comes from a documentary film background but found himself making video games for the course. Anna’s curatorial practice research was based around ideas of the representation of language in digital spaces. Soon, they found that their individual research and practices were beginning to absorb one another, and they decided to bring their work together more directly. 
Now, their collective practice uses photogrammetry software, gaming and other 3D technologies to explore ideas of assemblage making and the digital body. It’s meant to be a kind of testing-ground for investigating fiction and gameplay as frameworks for both physical and virtual exhibition spaces. Storying telling, as well as the documentary, are important methodologies within this endeavour, and they often use their own bodies and surroundings as actors in our digital stage sets. For them, digital media is imbued with a certain sense of the gothic, which deals intrinsically with the potential aliveness of objects, the romanticism of memory, and the eeriness of unknown agency. As they are based in Margate, they find it important to work with local institutions and community groups. 
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